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Review from Citysearch


Amazing Calm Energy and amazing services. I started the week in major back pain. Reading the reviews from this website, I decided to go to the top, figuring I was going to pay a fortune at the "Ritz Carlton". I was flabbergasted actually. Prices in line with most other spas in the city and overall a wonderful place just to sit and relax? Was I dreaming? The hospitality of the Ritz is legendary, however the spa inside ISN'T a Ritz-Carlton Spa. I was more impressed with the service from the spa then I was with the hotel. I was elated when the first moment I made contact with the spa. I booked my appointment with a pleasant and courteous man, Brian. Originally, I just wanted a massage, but he convinced me I need to pamper myself a little more and I got a facial and a manicure too. Although never having a facial before, I was a little nervous. I got a confirmation call the day before to remind me of my appointments by a woman named Diana. When I entered the spa, a very nice woman behind the desk, I think she said her name was Elizabeth, greeted me like I was a friend. I already felt at home and I hadn't even got into the locker room yet. Although I had a little trouble with the digital locks, it was worth waiting to put that amazingly soft robe on. Yum! I was offered water or wine (even though it was the afternoon) and sat on a couch that was so hard to get out of. They really make sure you are comfy! Then Gabriel came to greet me and ask a series of questions to help find out which massage would be right for me. We agreed on the 50 minute Sport massage and that's where I went from cozy to mush! Gabriel has amazing hands. Even with deep tissue work, it seemed calmer and less painful then when I went to other spas. Also he did some strech work that really helped my lower and upper back. After the 60 minute massage (I decided to go longer- it was well worth it!), I was feeling like part of the table. It was so hard for me to get up knowing I had to go to the bathroom. It was the best massage I ever had and I will recommend him to all my friends! After the massage, I had my facial with Ray (SHE called herself that). Not knowing what the heck was going on with my face or what it was going to be about, Ray was completely professional. She described what was going to happen and gave me a few options to impove my face. I supposedly had a lot of blocked pores and didn't know, probably why my face always felt oily. Anyway, Ray was a godsend, a shining light from heaven. My head felt like it was filled with air. I have never experienced anything like it. her hands were like fast melting butter as she put products on and took them off with these warm scented towels. I think I fell asleep for a bit of it during the face massage. Another Yum! Getting off this bed was harder than the first, but I knew I still had a manicure to get. I have had these before, so I knew what to expect here, or at least I thought I did. Carol did my manicure with such detail I thought I was in an art studio, not a nail room. I was expecting a quick 15-20 minute thing, but she used this wonderful scrub and spent a good 30 minutes on my hands and offered me a choice of polish (even though I was a man)- she meant clear or matte finish. I never was offered that before, and was very pleased that I selected the matte finish because all my co-workers noticed my hands the next day. I really didn't want to leave. The ambience is so relaxing and the staff was all really wonderful and professional. I do secret shopping sometimes, but this place is never on it. I wish it was! Thank you and I'll definately be back, with friends!

June 16, 2006