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Review from Citysearch

Annie L.

Dr. Bill and his dental staff worked wonders in restoring my confidence in dentists. I began seeing him a couple years ago for problems in how my front teeth looked. I was told by another dentist that I would need 6 caps for my top front teeth. This did not sound like the best advice so I made an appointment with Dr. Kirkland for another opinion because of a coworker's recommendation. I was relieved at how much time he took in discussing ways my teeth could be fixed and how he never pushed any treatments on me. He actually advised against crowns because this was not necessary and suggested tooth bonding materials and some minor reshaping. The result was fantastic and I love my smile again! I think others should know how ethical he is and not out to make an extra buck. No dentist has ever talked me out of more expensive treatments before because there was a less involved, less expensive, and excellent alternative. I really appreciate this about Dr Kirkland and highly recommend him!

October 08, 2012