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Taste Of India

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Very nice dinner! Highly recommended if in the mood for Indian!. I'm here in Virginia travelling, and happen to enjoy Indian Cuisine. Well, Chicken Tikka Masala anyway, and Naan. I looked this place up on the web, plugged into the GPS, and took off. Not hard to find, all freeway but 1/4 mile at most. When we arrived (Wednesday) at about 6:30, we were the only customers! Shortly after though, a couple came in, then another person. Seating for plenty though, very open. I notice another review said the place next door was loud, sign said El Salvadoran, and looked like a bar. Very quiet, perhaps only on the weekends? Our waiter, an older gentleman, had a delightful demeanor, very happy, and eager to please. A bit hard to understand, but I'd rather be eating food prepared by an expert than have someone who speaks correct English! The menu was well written, although Chicken Tikka Masala was something like Maju Tikka Masala. Probably chicken in Indian, I've just never seen it written that way. Quite a good selection of items, 2 pages of entrees roughly, page of appetizers, and a page of deserts. You probably won't be disappointed if you have a favorite. You could always call too. The menu warns that the meal would take 25-30 minutes to prepare due to the cooking time in the tandoori oven. Sure enough, when we got the dinner, the meat had the typical color from being cooked in a tandoori oven. Obviously served with rice. Portions probably average in size, I'm a big eater and I'm quite full now. The Masala was a bit less sweet than I'm accustomed to, but not overpowering, and was mild, as I asked for. The Garlic Naan was excellent. Hard to screw up, but you could taste the garlic, it was delicious. With two Chicken Tikka Masala's, 6 good sized pieces of Naan, and water, the total with tax was $38. I give this restaurant five stars, with a caveat. I didn't have anything but two items from the menu, I can't say all entrees are good. But the friendly, enthusiastic service easily puts this to the five star rating.

March 05, 2008