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30 something

Disappointed. I started loosing my hair in the middle of my head about four years ago. I'm 33 now and joined the hair club for a six month period. My dermatologist told me that there was no hair in the folicles but could not say why it came out. The hair club said that their EXT program would help my hair grow back and stop it from falling out and make the hair that i did have grow in thicker. I noticed no change what so ever in my hair! The vitiamins that I was told to take made hair grow on my face, arms, and back. I'm a woman so you see how this is a problem. No one said nor did their written materials mention the possibilty of hair growing in other UNWANTED areas. The consultant was supposed to look at my scalp again under the miscroscope after 2-3 months into the program. This never happened. I ended my six months without ever seeing the consultant again. This experience cost me over $1,500. The only good thing about the program was the stylist that you see once a month. I would not recommend this program if you are trying to get lost hair to grow back. This program is better used for people who want hair pieces.

January 21, 2010