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The worst place ever!. I would actually give zero stars if at all possible. I had the worst possible experience at Best Buy . My husband purchased a Kindle on Friday for my birthday. It was opened on Saturday and when I sat down to figure out how to use the item I found that the screen was half words and two thirds a picture of birds - sort of a weird frozen screen thing. I charged the Kindle as per the instruction book thinking that the screen would clear but nope, it would not. Not knowing what else to do, I packed up the item, called Best Buy (it was purchased at the Harrison st store) and was told that I could return the item to the nearest best buy . When I went to Best Buy they told me that the Kindle was damaged so they could not replace or return it depsite having the receipt. When we asked how it was damaged they said because the screen was the way it was (exactly how it was when I opened the box) the item was damaged and according to their return policy they could not take back a damaged item. When I explained that it was sold to my husband in this condition, they simply said it was their policy not to replace a damaged item like that . I asked to speak to the manager , he proudly told me that he "saw one like that yesterday and didn't replace that one either" but also stated that had my husband purchased an extended warranty from them then he would have considered it. The manager then told me that any problems with the item were the fault of Amazon and not Best Buy despite the fact that I purchased the item from Best Buy. The whole situation was surreal. Imagine purchasing an item, opening the box, finding it broken, attempting to return it and finding that the store simply refuses to take any responsbility by claiming that the manufacturer is at fault. Although I needed several camera disks and had planned on purchasing some other items while at Best Buy I admantly refuse to spend so much as a dime at this place. BTW, I called Amazon when I got home who promptly agreed to replace the item. Guess who will get my busines in future.

March 17, 2012