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Review from Citysearch


worst salon experience ever. just moved from chicago to philly for school at nova, and i picked this salon because of the great reviews on city search. but i gotta say, it was SO BAD! first, the salon is inside saks 5th ave on city ave and the sales people are so rude and stuck up, they make you feel really unwelcomed really fast. the salon is a total dump. dark, nasty, unclean. the girl at the front desk was so rude. she ignored me when i walked in and sat on the phone for about five minutes before she even noticed me. i told her my name and she pointed to a closet for me to get my own apron and told me to go find my stylist in the back. so rude. i waited about 45 minutes for my stylist to start working with me. I WAS THE ONLY PERSON THERE! i waited forever to see a stylist but there were no other customers or stylists around. that didnt make sense to me. i went back to the receptionist to ask where my stylist was, and she said she didn't know and that i should just keep waiting for her. what was this girl's problem? i'm the only customer in the salon, and you'd think she'd offer me a glass of water or SOMETHING my stylist finally shows up with a bag from mcdonald's. i made my appointment the week before, so why did the stylist think my appointment time was the prefect chance for a lunch break? the stylist was nice though. once she started working with me, she was really friendly. but niceness doesn't make her crappy cut any better. i've had much better in chicago. she cut about two inches off my hair. she jacked up my layers. and she gave me 1987 bangs. GROSS when i went to pay, the rude girl at the desk charged me $115... the services menu said that the haircuts were $68. when i asked why the price was so different from the menu, the rude girl said my stylist was a "master stylist" and had the right to charge so high. RIP OFF this salon was the worst. it's dirty, the people are nasty, and the services are poor and overpriced. AVOID THAT DUMP!

January 11, 2007