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SOCIAL plates- means sharing and more to try!. Even though from the outside, it doesn't look like much, looks can be deceiving. Forget thinking about the decor because it is not what shines here. What I was excited about with this restaurant was all the little "Social" plates that they had to offer. We had practically the entire menu! The carpaccio came out on bite sized perfectly seasoned little toasts ready for you to just pick up and bite into. The steak wraps also were wrapped up for you and ready for your eating pleasure, in the cutest little lettuce cups that you could hold in your hand! Also the salads were full size portions, the pear one had a pink dressing that we liked, and though the beet salad was good there wasn't anything about it to make it different than any other beet salad we've had. The shrimp and chili sauce were large shrimps with the yummiest dipping sauce, I almost ate the whole thing myself and forgot to share......tomato bisque came in a HUGE dish considering how heavy the soup was, buy it was yummily flavored and paired well with foccacia bread grilled cheese sandwiches. The only official entree we ordered was the butterfish with a cornmeal topping which was perfect, on top of a bed of mashed cauliflower, then surrounded with a yummy fresh vegetable salad that had squash in it! If I hadn't been so full I would have tried the bacon wrapped meatloaf and the mac and cheese, both were also calling my name. Along with the dessert menu, everything looked delicious!!!

March 24, 2010
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