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Doesn't Recommend

This vet will give you a headache!. I went to this vet for a while when I first moved to Dallas after having it recommended to me. The first few times I went it was fine and I saw a good vet, but after that it became an absolute nightmare. When I got my second dog, I brought him in and was told but the vet that he was 3 years old and needed $900 of dental surgery or he would lose all his teeth (several other vets all confirmed that he was 6 months and did not need anything done to his teeth). The vet insisted on it even though I told him that the people I adopted him from got him when he was a few weeks old and that he was only 6 months. Then I booked boarding at East Lake for my two dogs when I was flying out of state. I called the day before to confirm and everything was set, and then when I showed up to drop the dogs off they said that I was not in the system and that they were fully booked so I could not leave my dogs there. I almost missed my flight after spending an HOUR AND A HALF trying to work it out with the people there and ended up being able to leave them in the medical section with the sick dogs rather than having them boarded with the other dogs who were just there for a visit. After that I knew I could not rely on them at all. The one good thing about East Lake is that when you need your flea and heartworm medicine, they will match the prices you find online (from sites like 1800petmeds) if you bring in the printout showing what the medicine is currently selling for.

July 17, 2008