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Doesn't Recommend
Kieran W.

Horrific service, run FAST from this company! They over-promise, and under-deliver. Learn from my experience, and don't waste your money. A few of the low-lights: 1. They promised 1-day installation. They actually took 3 days over the course of a week to finish the job, and I had to call several times to get them to come finish! 2. They promised professional installation, but they left construction debris in my ductwork, and didn't get the permits required by the city! 3. They charged me $900 for a part they didn't install, and it took two months of constant calling to get a refund! 4. I got financing through HousePro, but unfortunately had already given them my credit card number. They charged my card for the full amount (BEFORE the job was even complete!) and then they charged me AGAIN through the finance company. After several months, and no response from HousePro, I had to hire an attorney to get the double-charge refunded. I called and sent a letter to Murray Kaiman, the President of HousePro, to resolve the problems professionally. He didn't care. In fact, his excuse for holding my money was that the winter is HousePro's slow season, and HousePro is short on cash! A company should NOT pay for its operations by taking money from its customers through false charges (charges for parts not installed, and double-billing for the same job). They held on to thousands of my dollars, without cause, until I threatened to sue them. Don't be the next victim! Do yourself a favor, and please use someone else.

April 08, 2013