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Update!!. This company has been incompetent from the begining, I dont know how there could be some rave reviews here! I have contacted my AHS Warranty Company, I will no longer permit House Pro in my home. My last appointment with HOUSE PRO was on 9/4/13...for another AC problem from July 2013. My AC Worked for about a month and now back in August for same problem. 3 Breakers later...House Pro telling me it was Electrical problem and Electrician replacing breakers and AC worked for short time. FINALLLY...A new technician (lucky for me)with HOUSE PRO who also is certified electrician tells me the breaker is very hot and found the following... " A Voit was wired wrong on capacitor".... and only House Pro has had access to my AC since 2011. I was livid......At this point, after missing so much time from away from my office, work days and weekends waiting for repairemen for repairmen (AC and Electrical) to show up and each blaming the other for the AC failure...even being told by House Pro that all 3 breakers could have been bad breakers, even though all 3 came from different places (1 that was in my home, 1 that electrician brought with him and 1 that I bought at Home Depot). I am beyond anger with this company.. How much permanent damage has been caused to the Compressor, also could this error have cause a more severe disaster....i dont know but it scares me to death to think of it. From the original service request in 2011...when they installed a blower motor backwards and then "GAVE" me a free AC Check up later because of that error. I have to also mention....Jack with House Pro mentioned I should make sure any Electrician that comes to my home be certified. I will pursue this mess with my Home Warranty company and see what my next step is....until then do your research, and ask questions, this company is severely lacking in many areas. My experiences from 2011 with Mo were horrible, yet there are two very knowledgable repairmen named Juan and here recently David who found the problem.

September 10, 2013