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Review from Citysearch

Linda P.

Was searching for a salon that could really put in a weave correctly. I found quite a few positive reviews about Sheena at Xquisite. I looked over their website and was real impressed. The price for a full weave was $202.00 which seems a bit high but I found a 25% Off coupon for first time clients on their site, so I printed it out and made an appointment. Was not used to going to such a large busy salon before but the staff seemed pleasant and the receptionist introduced me to Sheena. I showed her the hair that I had purchased online, I could tell by the face that she made that the hair was not good. She spent a few minutes explaining why some hair is better then other. She told me that there was a store in the same shopping center where I could purchase some better hair. I went ahead and bought more hair. I am going to a formal dinner and I want my hair just right for the event. Sheena then had an assistant braid my hair. I was a little nervous because I went into another room for the braiding out of Sheena sight. Sheena did come in a couple of times and checked on me which made me feel better. The weave installation was great! I was so happy with her service. There were no visible braids around my hairline so I can put my hair up. I ended paying $152.00 with my discount coupon. I guess the only problem is I spent $118.00 for hair online that was not used. Oh well, live and learn but my hair looks great! They gave me a first time client welcome kit. Included a price brochure, a pen, some mints, a sample product, a purse size vent brush, and a $10.00 Off coupon. I thought that was quite nice. There is parking right in front of the salon.

June 01, 2015