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Fried Chicken and Great Soul Food. I recently went to Ms. Tootsie's for an exemplary dining experience on a rainy day (Friday, July 8th). I am not familiar with Philly because I live in NJ and I am a regular patient at Univ. of Penn Hospital. I decided to go down South Street and it was an easy ride. Unfortunately I forgot about the hours and arrived at 4:30 PM. I went in to escape the rain and they graciously seated me at the two person window table. I explained I would be happy to wait until their 5 PM serving time but the pleasant waitress brought me a menu and asked what I wanted to drink. Let me say at the outset that I go to a restaurant for the FOOD! Cleanliness, service, ambiance, etc.are secondary. I have a smoker at home and 3 deep fat fryers, so I know a bit about soul food and "Q" preparation. This was easily in the top ten of fried chicken that I ever had (in my 57 years)! It was crispy, moist and hot. The real trick with fried chicken is keeping it from drying out as you eat it after you cut into it. I cut my breast into 3 pieces and pulled it apart. The last piece was just as moist as the first. The sides all looked delicious. The mac and cheese was great. I wanted something plain so I tried the rice and gravy. It was on the plain side (as expected) but the gravy was very good. The intro corn muffin was simply the best I ever had. As good as the accessory strawberry butter was, the muffin was sweet and full of corn taste all on its own. I could have eaten 6 of them with a stick of warm butter and been content. The sweet tea was delicious. On to the desserts, which were mostly exemplary as well. I had one dessert with my dinner and took home all the others. The sweet potato pie was simply the best I ever had and for $5 a large slice, I was happy. I am not a huge fan of sweet potato cheesecake and I like a heavier cream cheese frosting on my red velvet cake (the cake was delicious however). But the dark side of the moon cake made my chocoholic wife and daughter very happy, even after a day or two in the fridge! The lemon pound cake & carrot cake were also delicious. Needless to say I will be returning for many more visits every time I go to the hospital for my follow up visits.

July 24, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

Great food ---VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!!. I knew we were in for a ride when we entered the crowded vestibule decorated with champagne colored curtains joined together with safety pins. After waiting fifteen minutes to submit our name for the buffet we stood by the oversized, unmanned reception desk waiting for a seat at the bar. After about 40 minutes we managed to get two of the four empty seats at the bar. One might think that if customers have been waiting close to an hour for a table they might be thirsty. One might think the bartender might ask if we wanted one of their over-priced beverages. That didn’t happen we couldn’t even get eye-contact. Bad business practice--- YOU JUST MISSED AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE SOME MONEY!! After stewing in thirst and anger one of two hostesses says follow me and seats us at a table on the main level after we had been waiting for a table for the buffet. I politely say “we are waiting for a table at the buffet” and she says “unfortunately it will be another hour for the buffet.” Dumbfounded, thirsty and irritated after almost two hours we said we’ll stay here at this table, next to the cold window. After sitting for 8 minutes, with no menus, no water (yes still thirsty) the waiter walks up and asks if he can take our order. Then he sees that we have no menus…… oh I’ll get you some menus. Then the other hostess returns and says I have a table at the buffet if you are still interested. We jumped at the chance and schlepped up to the second floor to wait another 20 minutes for plates and for someone to serve us at the buffet. During the wait and before we had even been given a plate we were presented with a check. WHAT!!! I can’t even get a drink and you are handing us the check. This is why I hesitate to patronize black businesses. POOR MANAGEMENT!!!! If it wasn’t for my fiancée cracking jokes and trying to keep me jovial I would have flipped the wobbly table over. So after getting our food and being seated, I still had nothing to drink, not even water. After trying to get the attention of one of the three staff members we were served a delightful sweet tea that seemed to make everything better, at least for a little while. I think Moses had an easier time parting the Red Sea that I did trying to get a refill. So we finished our meal paid the check that had been sitting on the wobbly table since before we had our plates and headed downstairs. As we passed the owner standing at his post one might think he would say thank you or acknowledge us in some way. Instead he looked at us like we stole something, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! His sour face was a reflection of his poor restaurant management. It’s really a shame because the food was very good. The polite/overwhelmed wait staff did the best they could under poor leadership. The only reason I give the restaurant one star is because of the food. However it’s about customer service and spending hard earned money on a great dining experience. If not for the poor management and chaos, Ms. Tootsi’s could very well be an upscale restaurant. If you want a great soul food experience try Delta’s in New Brunswick, New Jersey 12 Dennis Street. They do it right!!!

February 22, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

Christmas Disappointment. This year my family decided to try a restaurant out for Christmas instead of cooking. My grandmother made reservations a week before for 3:00pm but the owner called her back stating that they were not opening until 5:00pm. This was fine until we arrived at the restaurant today to find out that they had opened before 5:00pm. When I confirmed our reservation, the owner, Keven told me that he thought the reservation was for 6:00pm. I told him no and he said they already had a large party and were going to have to seat us in another section. One of the employees took my party of 17 people up to the 3rd floor where we waited 30-35 minutes. We had reservations and our table should have been ready at 5:00pm. We were seated but there was no water or bread out. Our servers took our order and never offered bread or water. After 15 - 20 minutes I asked for bread and they brought muffins out. I understand that we had a large party but we waited until almost 7:00pm to eat. Some of us had to wait for our sides and some of the food was cold. This was a major disappointment! I have been to this restaurant before and had a good experience but today my overall experience was bad. The food was not horrible but after waiting for so long it just wasn't worth it. My grandmother asked to speak with the owner who was not available. My grandmother spoke with the manager and explained the situation. She admitted that they messed up on their end and she would look at our bill and she what she could do. She returned stating that the she removed all our drinks (which she did not) and gave us a bunch of Tootsie Pops. I am sad to say all of us were so disappointed that we will probably never return to the restaurant. I don't know what happened with the customer service this time but it was horrible.

December 25, 2010
Doesn't Recommend

Unbelievably Inane!. Unheard of! I called Ms. Tootsie's on a Friday afternoon to inquire about making reservations for a party of 9 on the following Sunday. I was told by the very polite gentleman with whom I spoke that I did not need to make a reservation, as my party was under 10 people. GREAT! This was going to be a wonderful, first time experience for my two sisters, my son, my two nieces, my nephew, and my Mom, whose 63rd birthday we were celebrating. I had bragged and boasted to my sister for three weeks about the treasures created in Ms. Tootsie's kitchen, and assured my family that they would NEVER forget the Ms. Tootsie's experience. I was SO RIGHT. My party arrived at Ms. Tootsie's at approx. 5:45pm on Sunday, May 2nd, and we were met at the door by two male Abercrombie and Fitch models who greeted us politely and then asked me if we had made reservations. I explained that I had called about reservations and was told they were not required for a party the size of mine. One of the two A&F gentlemen explained that, they were expecting a party of 25 to arrive within the next 10 minutes, and that they were already... are you ready for this?... RUNNING LOW ON FOOD, and would be unable to accommodate any other guests, for fear that the fare would not last through the evening! After suggesting several other "very nice restaurants" to my family and me, and apologizing ever-s0-humbly again and again, the gentlemen smiled...politely... before dissapearing back into the cafe. My family and I shook off our disbelief, made our way to a soul-food buffet on Oregon Ave., and Mom's birthday celebration was a smashing success after all! Thank you, Ms. Tootsie.

May 07, 2010
Doesn't Recommend

what a disappointment. where do i begin... ms tootsies was recommended by a friend. it was me and my boyfriends 2 yr anniversary and i wanted to try something different for him and we both love good soul food but its hard to come by. well first there was an hour wait which was acceptable. while waiting we walked around south street because the hostess said she will call us when our table opens. so when she called us we went right back and 3 men in suits didnot want to let us in because they said they stopped serving at 9. well after telling them we were on the waitin list they let us in. we were seated upstairs which was a very intimate setting so things were looking up. our waiter came over and took our drink orders. i ordered a daiquiri my boyfrirnd ordered iced tea along with wings for an appetizer, 15 minutes later our waiter came back with the iced tea and said they didnt have a blender to make a daiquiri but he recommended ms tootsies long island iced tea so i agreed. we placed our order. approx 25 min later another waiter came out with our food and gave it to the table next to us, then our waiter came out and took the plates from them and gave them to us, which is nasty in itself. i still had no drink so jus asked for a soda,which took another 10 mins. the food wasnt great the service was horrible, oh by the way, when we got our check, the waiter relized we never got our appetizer and asked if we wanted it to go. i said absolutely not, and you remember in the beginning the guys out front with the suits said they stopped serving at 9, well it was 1030 and people were still coming in and being seated. so is it that CERTAIN peple will not be served after 9. no apologys no remorse...will never go back or recommend to anyone... now for good soulfood and great service... try warmdaddys....thats the real deal

April 26, 2010

Lousy and expensive food. For a number of months, my girlfriend has been raving about Miss Tootsies the South Philly "gourmet" soul food restaurant. I have to say I was rather excited about the chance to visit the place and a few weeks ago I did for the first time! I was extremely dissapointed. I ordered the restaurant week special of fried chicken, collard greens, garden salad and 7 UP cake. The chicken was really awful. It was very dry, slightly cool, the crust was overcooked too crunchy and very flavorless. The collard greens were ok, but extremely salty. The garden salad was good, but the portion was too small to really enjoy. The 7 UP was good, but it was really cold. I hear the food there isnt actually cooked at the restaurant, but at a nearby catering company. No wonder it didnt taste freshly cooked because its not! Overall, I found the atmosphere very nice. Tthe service was impeccable and the decor modern and very cheerful just like the people who were at the restaurant. Theres a huge Buddhist sculpture in the restaurant and curiously also a Roman Catholic candle holder that one lights to say a prayer of petition. I would like to say a prayer for Miss Tootsies. Dear Lord, may this restaurant's food improve and let it stop resting on its so called "laurels." Miss Tootsies is too highly overrated. I could get a better quality meal at a hole in the wall soul food kitchen up in N Philly than this joint. I wrote to Mr. Parker the owner of Miss Tootsies about my experience there. He did not write back. I wonder then if he really cares about his customers

February 19, 2010

two separate restaurants - one good; other bad. I have never written a food review - strange, considering how much i love it... I am planning a friend's bachelor party and was thinking of Ms Tootsies for dinner... having read some "poor service" comments, I thought I would chime in... There are two separately operated restaurants - both are "Miss Tootsies". one is casual and laidback (and also BYO.) The folks working here make you feel like family - great service, very pleasant, funny. There is often a wait; and they always offer to hold on to my brewskis while I wait. Unfortunately (and recently) the BYO restauarant is now only open on Friday and Saturday. i've been 5-6 times - loved it every time. Now to the other side: Service is awful. The staff and many patrons have horrible attitudes. I mistakenly took my brother there for his birthday. me, my brother and two friends were fairly casually dressed - after all, we're eating fried chicken, mac n cheese and collared greens. I dont want to play the race card (well, yeah I do..) but 3 white boys and a puerto rican got horrible service, odd stares, etc, etc. We actually cancelled our reservation and walked next door. I was just back last week (only because the BYO/casual restaurant is no longer open during the week) and I got the same strange stairs. My crowd was mixed - Thai/Mexican/white. We got the "what are you doing in OUR restaurant" vibe. lots of snobs. totally bizarre. moral to the story: go on the weekend. get great food and friendly service from the casual BYO. Or, poke your head into the formal side. oh - and I think (though not sure) - that the kitchen is the same for both restaurants. food is great - I recommend the turkey legs with gravy, mac, greens and okre (sp?)

March 02, 2009
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