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Naan 'N' Curry

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Best Pakistani/Indian food I've ever had - one of the treasures of SF. First, Gyrl240's review is very misleading. The food is not bland--compared to authentic Northern Indian food, this food is crazy spicy. Gyrl240 ordered lamb tikka masala (not on the regular menu) Anything tikka masala is the mildest thing they have. Now, what's superb: Naan - dinner plate sized--as Gyrl240 says, the naan is typically crispy in some places, doughy in other places. The naan is an incredible bargain at 1 dollar! Chicken tikka masala - breast cooked in the tandoor and smothered in a tomato cream sauce--mild and out of this world with a fresh naan Chicken leg tandoori - bursting with flavor, tender and moist, the best tandoori ever! Bhindi - fantastic, completely non-slimy okra with garlic, onion, tomatoes and tons of spices Bengan Bharta - eggplant roasted in the tandoor, to give it a smoky flavor, and purreed--wonderful with the naan. Mango Lassi - again, Gyrl240 is very ungenerous, this is an excellent mango lassi Recommended: chicken biryani, prawn biryani, fish tandoori, mixed vegetable tikka masala, mixed vegetables, karahi chicken, achar chicken and more... Not recommended: samosas (not fresh, fillings aren't that great either), other types of naan (stick with the plain ones) Service model: extremely innovative--you order and pay for the food at the counter, and a runner brings it to you. You get your own plates, silverware, to go containers, sodas. This allows the restaurant to efficiently server up to 200 people at a time with hardly any wait. The first cup of milk tea is free and they have a free salad bar so you don't have to starve during the short wait. Price: the food is inexpensive enough to enjoy without emptying your wallet. Ambience: Out of an industrial cavernous space the owners have created a unique atmosphere with a hilarious range of Pakistani music to enjoy. You never feel hurried and can hang out as long as you like. Cons: A minor complaint is a lack of ventilation, it can get smoky in there during the rush.

April 02, 2007