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Asia de Cuba at Clift

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VERY DISAPPOINTED - Food mediocre - not worth the price - not even for half price or 75% off. Went with my family on x'mas eve with a party of special holiday decor - just a sad bowl of candy canes by the hotel check-in desk. We were crammed into a booth for five - three of our party were seated in chairs on the outside edge of our semi-circle booth. The table was waaaay too small for all of the food that we ordered (as recommended by our server), and you would think that they would have timed the food so that each dish would come one at a time....but no - we were frantically dishing out the food onto our plates and passing them around to make room for server to get all of the other food onto our table. He even just handed one of our dishes to my dad & said, here you go, and then left! My dad was left holding the plate until we could make room on our table!!! Service was poor, as we had to constantly ask for more surprise, as with a party of eight, there is an automatic 20% gratuity added on. The food was just mediocre. The appetizers were better than the entrees, but really - how can you go wrong with the deep fried stuff??? Our lamb was COLD, and when we asked the server if it was supposed to be a cold dish, he responded - no, it's not supposed to be cold, but it may cool faster than the other dishes since it's thinly sliced. Then, he offer to re-do the dish or heat it up.....The duck dish was horrible - gamely and rubbery. We sent it back. After those two incidents, and after we decided not to order dessert, I think they got the hint and the server told us he wouldn't charge us for the duck or the lamb dishes.....All of the other entrees were really mediocre....nothing special. The plus of this place is really the ambiance. Even for that, I wouldn't return for the food, even if the cost was discounted by 75%. We were very disappointed after all that we've heard about this place, esp. since we decided to spend our holiday dinner there.....definitely will not go back.

January 02, 2007
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