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Doesn't Recommend

Never again!. So a couple of friends and I were looking forward to grabbing dinner and hearing some fine music as we had tickets for the Tin Angel one Friday evening. Well the music was great however half way through dinner we were told that we hadn't ordered enough food to warrant sitting at a table upstairs as previously mentioned. Excuse me! (We had all ordered a dish and a couple bottles of wine, mind you) The oh so rude hostess informed us that to have a reserved table upstairs during the show, that each dining member had to order both an app and entree. "We will let it go this time, but next time, you will have to order more" she stated. Next time, yeah right! Never in my life have I experienced such pretentiousness in Philadelphia. So shake it off you would say and enjoy the music. Well after the show we were told that a second show was coming on and we had to leave immediatly. No encore, no using the ladies room, no finishing your drink. Just get out. It was my first time and will certainly be the last time at this place. 100% Terrible experience!

July 12, 2006