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Doesn't Recommend

Fado. I too was a member of the party of 8 who attempted to have a nice chatty dinner after the theatre on Sunday with Marci229. One of our favorite places and for the second time in a row we had a terrible experience. I will say however that I do not believe the waitress was at fault. She was very kind and pleasant when we first arrived to find that there would be only 2 menus to share among 8 of us. And she did scramble to find us candles when she observed us trying to read the menus with cigarette lighters. My clear indication with regard to Fado is that this center city eatery had little or no interest in attending to it's customers and it was very obvious when our table ordred a few hamburgers and other meals which included fries because at about that same time the person in charge was heard to say "watch one of them will want ketchup." Knowing full well she didn't have any ketchup in the building. Before she eventually left to BUY ketchup after the hamburgers were too cold to eat she then felt the perverse need to lecture us on the proper way to treat a waitress... Because a person of her caliber -mind you -is used to "PEOPLE LIKE US"... Can you Imagine???!!! I've been around for a LOT of years and I've never experienced DRAMA /RUDENESS like this anywhere.. VERY Unpleasant Experience. Won't Ever Go Back To Fado!

November 27, 2008