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Doesn't Recommend

Terrible service. We've gone to Fado a lot over the years. The last two visits have been terrible. We gave them a second chance because we've always enjoyed going there--but we won't be giving them another shot. This time, they delivered our burgers with no ketchup. When we asked for it, we heard someone in the back say, "I knew someone would ask for ketchup." After 15 minutes, we inquired again and our waitress had a meltdown and starting saying she was just the messenger and it wasn't her fault. Apparently, they had to go out and buy ketchup. The manager left and came back with it--but not before chastising us for "verbally abusing" her waitress--who apparently was in the back crying. We, at no point, personally attacked the waitress, just asked where our ketchup was. At no point did the manager apologize for having us wait 30 minutes for our ketchup--as our burgers sat in front of us and everyone in our party had finished. The manager did take 20 percent off our tab--but not for the ketchup. In her words, she took that off because they didn't have an appetizer we liked. Really terrible service. Go somewhere else.

November 24, 2008