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Edgy and fresh. Ultramodern outfits for girls who pooh-pooh price tags.. Shopping Scene
A designer's utopia lives in Richmond, but you'd never guess it from the brick-fronted facade that shouts "shopping center boredom." Don't listen--Coplon's dishes out and dresses up plenty of attitude. Kate Spade bags create their own art display, Prada shoes sit patient and pointy-toed, lovely Laundry dresses make you wonder why you even waste time at the mall. And the makeup counter? Luscious. Soak in the airy atmosphere without abandon, but look at price tags with reserve: pieces rarely hover under $100. Aren't indulgences delicious?

A Sale, For Sure
Those racks you spot on the second floor aren't just castoffs--they offer some of Coplon's more reasonably priced clothing. Sale items are usually marked down over 70 percent, and most shoppers have no qualms heading up there before browsing anywhere else.

August 18, 2003