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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

Babe's of cary town. They don't staff the bar well and everyone that works there is rude. It takes forever to get an order at the bar. And Yes I was tipping.The last situation that happen was where there were about 40 people in the club and they were closing. Rather than working on getting those people out of the bar faster. One of the Aholes came over and pulled our last 3 b@lls of out pool game. We were going to be done long before the crowd cleared but he wanted to be an ahole. We paid for the game he could have given us a few more minutes. It's not like we were forcing the place to stay open when there still were over 40 people in the place. Food == Good Music == Good Service === BAD, Very unhappy staff and it shows!

March 06, 2009