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Doesn't Recommend

Drunks Beware. They will kick your a$$ out! I know more ppl that have been thrown out of that place than actually go there anymore. Yes Babes keep that up and soon enough you wont have a soul left in this god forsaken city to wonder through the threshhold of your bar and spend money on your pathetic excuse for a bar... other than that its a nice place if you can stand all the evil conniving dks and fgs that go there. Food and drinks are good I know that for a fact. And yeah don't be an idiot and order meatloaf (who the hell does that at a bar anyways?) Sat nights fun and crowded. Bartenders could use a lesson in manners, yeah how about learn to say "thank you" or at least acknowledge my existance when I tip your a$$es.

January 01, 2008