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Doesn't Recommend

Place and Con tense. I just came back to Richmond to visit friends. I was horrified in the condition of Babes and the staff that works there. I used to come to this place back in 94 through 98. This was a place where you could go straight or gay(lesbian) and have a good time. The food was excellent and the place was clean. Now it is run down and the place is a dump it's food is below par. Oh don't let me forget my feet stuck to the floor when I walked across the carpeting. Thank god I was wearing shoes not flip flops. I used to know the owner of babes Daigo. She ran a tight ship and she had a good cook with great food. This place use to have nostalgia as well as being clean. When I ask the unfriendly bar tenders where was Daigo?? They sad who???????? I said the owner!!! She sad Vicki owns this place. That is all she had to say. Daigo, I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

August 25, 2006