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Doesn't Recommend

Best Place to hear Geriatric 70's Music. Twice I have moved away fro Richmond fo years at a time. And guess what when I got back Babbe's was playting the SAME OLD SAD music. It is like a step into the twilight zone. Welcome to the 21st century please. And for Gawd's sake it is not the L Word so stop dressing like it. You women are not that hot. And what is with this little skater boy look? Must we all dress and act alike. Now don't get me started on all the little "cliques". Women here are not the friendliest I've ever met. Thank Gawd I've known Vicki since before time. It's the only reason to show up for those watered down drinks. So if ya dig this throw on the flannel, comb the mullet and dance your heart away.

July 28, 2006