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Slacker heaven: Village Cafe clientele meets the staff of Championship Vinyl among gobs of used discs.. The Scene
A true indie music store, Plan 9 anchors Richmond's music scene with CDs (import and domestic), memorabilia, tickets and mags. With spacious aisles between the multitude of racks, the store is laid out with the CD shopper in mind. While a store like Borders has more listening booths, the options tend to get limited and static. At Plan 9, the booths change regularly and play such a variety of offbeat bands, hidden gems and staff suggestions that you're actually exposed to new music.

Who's Buying?
From pierced Limp Bizkit fans looking for that Japanese import to screeching fans of 'N Sync who covet a poster-disc, so many Richmonders shop here you could spot your mom browsing the racks. Also, those looking for the freshest new music and bargain-hunters scouring the used racks for that sought-after find. Planetary Records, Plan 9's record label featuring local groups like Burnt Taters, Susan Greenbaum and Dirtball, increases the importance of Plan 9 Music to the Richmond music scene.

August 18, 2003