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Review from Citysearch

Alex B.

Where to begin? I flew in from London via New York where I got the worst haircut I've ever had in my life at Ted Gibson salon. The stylist was proud to send me out the door with my "Justin Bieber" haircut (I'm 42) and was angry that I wasn't happy with it. Flew down to Richmond for a day of meetings and on my way to the hotel, stopped by Scissors as I'd read all the great reviews. I popped my head in to ask if they could see me, and although Simone was already booked, and with a client that had driven in 1.5 hours for her appointment, they both generously put their schedule aside to fit me in. I assumed since they were squeezing me in it would be a quick "what do you need?" haircut. Not the case at all. Simone took the time to find out how I ended up in this mess to begin with, and very calmly and creatively cleaned it up perfectly. As I was getting my hair fixed, employees were entering into the salon (I actually showed up 1 hour before they were open...and she still let me in!) and as each entered, she introduced me to them as if they were part of her family...amazing. If I ever live in Richmond again, this is where I will be going. The best example of generosity, customer service and being good to other people I've experienced in a long time.

April 25, 2013