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Review from Citysearch


As a guy, highly recommend!. This past Tuesday, with a impending trip to headquarters, I needed a last minute haircut. Simone was able to fit me in. Instead of just giving me a trim, she took the time to look at my hair and recommend a new look for me. She told me it would be lighter feeling, look fresher (aka younger), lower maintenance, and shorter prep a guy, how could I object to this? Afterward, Simone took the time to carefully show me how to prep it. After a few days now, even with my limited skills and patience I'm able to make it look almost as snazzy as Simone did. And the results speak for themselves: all the ladies at work (any my other ladyfriends) think it looks great. Further, yesterday i went for an 8 mile run in the heat and the cut definately kept my head cooler. So now I'm ready for my trip!

July 15, 2011