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Fantastic Experience and Cut!. Moved to Richmond in the early fall of last year and one of the first items on my agenda was to choose a hair stylist. Having the same hair style for nearly 20 years (or a similar style) I was reticent. Choosing a stylist can be one of the most important parts of moving to a new city and starting a new life. Anyway, found Scissors online (it was close to my home) and went in for what I thought would be a simple haircut. Met with Simone. She sat me down for a consultation. I was ready for the same cut. She asked me a lot of questions about me and my style, etc. So after a great consult, she asked me if I was ready to try a slightly different hair style. I said yes before I could think twice about it...but I did it because I really felt secure with her and trusted in her knowledge and the fact that she was thinking about what would make me comfortable. So 1/2 hour later....I had a much more contemporary hair cut, perhaps trendier than I expected, but it made my face look trimmer, it was circa 2011 and not circa 1991...and it made me look and feel fantastic. As I styled it on my own and it has become part of me...I love it. Since moving here I have started working out, lost weight and feel so much better about me....and this style and cut really has helped me to feel better about me. I love the energy in the salon and the energy of the stylists. Im glad I found Scissors....not sure what my hair would look like now if I had not.

March 08, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

I've had better. A lot better.... Color turned out OK- although [even though supposed to be permanent] it washed out after 3 weeks (only used the products I purchased at this salon- so, if you believe that is the reason, then perhaps you should stop peddling cheap products)- but it was good while it lasted. Haircut- not so much, though. Simone did not ask me what I wanted and just went at it. I was trying to explain to her what I wanted, but she just kind of blew me off. I thought: OK, surely, she knows what she is doing... Now I wish I was more persistant, as I ended up having to cut most of my hair off to fix her "20-some years of experience". Sad, considering that I worked very hard for 2 years to grow my hair out. This place may be OK for someone else, but I definitely will not be going back- or recommending it to anyone else... P.S.I find it completely distasteful how every time someone shares a less-than-perfect experience at this salon, bunch of Scissors' insiders jump them and bombard them with a plethora of excuses on how there is no way any of this could possibly happen at this salon and how we, the customers, are wrong for having these bad experiences. Despite of what you may think of us, we are plenty capable of assessing our experiences and knowing when they are inferior. Use the feedback to improve the services, not to harass the clients. Too much effort is spent on trying to convince anyone who will read that everyone who complains of bad experience at Scissors is a moron and/or a liar. Very uncool.

March 02, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

WARNING DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE!. At first I had a great review of this place but as I looked at my hair, my mom and I both began to realize that my once gorgeous hair was mutilated. She colored the front, left the crown my root color and did not put any color in the back. There were huge streaks of orange all over the right side of my hair. I subsequently went to a reputable salon, to a well-respected colorist who has significant experience and it took him 2 and a half hours to undo what she did to my hair!! He said that this was the result of an unexperienced stylist and to never ever set foot there again. He also told me that he has to do the same thing for 3 or 4 other people who had had their hair butchered at Scissors, this year alone. Do not be fooled by all these positive reviews, he also explained that he has learned from the majority of reputable stylist in Richmond that the owner writes them herself!!! He has been in the business for over 20 years and every single stylist in the salon knew about Scissors and how they were known for butchering people's hair. Do not be fooled by all these reviews, I went into this place expecting a beautiful color and instead left $230 dollars poorer and with orange streaked hair. I did not do anything to my hair to cause it to turn orange, I did not wash it or go out in the sun, I got home and burst into tears. This is not a false claim, I was there last Friday, I have a picture to prove it plus my mother's credit card receipt. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS SALON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 23, 2010

Wow!!!. So...shall I begin by explaining exactly how unlucky I am? If there is a raffle, I hover in the back of the crowd glancing doubtfully at my crumpled ticket stub. Not a winner. If there is a short straw to be drawn, I'll draw it. If I dare to venture out into the world of Hair Salons, I am always unimpressed and inevitably much poorer than when I walked in. That is...I WAS always unimpressed. So much so that in a fit of desperation I made the ultimate mistake of attempting to cut my own hair. And style it, mind you. Needless to say, it was lopsided and less than attractive. After avoiding mirrors for a few weeks, I bit the bullet and searched for a nearby stylist who had, at least, mediocre reviews. After checking CitySearch, I found Scissors and was amazed by the 189 glowing reviews! I had been there before to get a Manicure and Pedicure and remember being very impressed with the job that they did. Hair, however, is a different story isn't it? So, with much trepidation I made the appointment. I was greeted at the door by friendly faces and I love the fact that they offer each new customer a tour of the salon. It's so much more personable than being rushed from the door to a chair and then back to the door again. At Scissors, Simone really works to make each client feel comfortable. I went in, with a vague idea of what I wanted but mostly I just wanted change. I wanted to highlight my drab dark hair and even out my terrible self-given haircut. Simone went over some hairstyle magazines with me and advised me on some ideas, helping to mold a more clear picture of what would look good on me. Immediately, I trusted her. I handed her the reins and told her to go for it. And boy, did she ever! The highlights are unbelievable! The hair cut is gorgeous!! How she was able to even out the chop job that I had done, is beyond me. She's a magician. The salon is comfortable, eclectic and sassy in style, and the staff is warm and friendly. After months of trying to part my hair on the right, Trina showed me that my hair naturally parts on the left. And would you believe, it looks 50 times better that way? In all of my years of marathon salon tryouts, I have never been so happy with a find. It appears my luck has finally changed!

June 12, 2010

AMAZING!. Scissors Hair Studio SAVED me… A few weeks ago I got highlights at a JCPenney’s salon in Richmond. I told the lady “natural looking and NOT bulky” When I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry. My hair was bright yellow on top with huge chunks of whitish yellow throughout, while the bottom of my hair remained my natural light brown color. I ended up going back the next day because it just looked that bad. The lady put in some low lights which toned down some of the yellow, but it still looked awful. When my eyes starting watering some of the staff came over to me and proceeded to lecture me on highlights and how I should have been clear on what I wanted done. For the past three weeks I attempted to fix my hair with at home hair dye kits. First I tried a medium blonde. When that didn’t work I tried a light neutral blond, then a week later a medium neutral blonde. My hair ended up turning this ugly orangey color and the bad highlights were still visible. I didn’t want to go out of my apartment. I am new to the Richmond area so I didn’t really know what salons were around and which ones did a decent job. I mean you would think JCPenney would be good right? I googled “hair salon Richmond VA” and sorted my search by ratings. Scissors Hair Studio came up with about 200 ratings of 5 stars. I spent a good while reading the reviews people posted. It sounded like the salon was worth going to. I called around 11:30am to try to schedule an appointment; sure I was going to have to wait a few days. I told them about my horrible hair experience at JCPenneys/at home hair dying and they said “Can you be by 12:30?” Wow! As soon as I walked in I could see why people liked this place so much. I was greeted by Melanie who gave me a tour of the salon. I was amazed by the style of the place and all of the services offered. Unlike the stylists at JCPenney, the stylists at Scissors Hair Studio consult with you and with each other before even touching your hair. Melanie did my hair was the stylist who did my hair and never once did I feel rushed to make a decision. When I saw the three tubs of color I was a little nervous. But when Melanie dried my hair and I looked in the mirror I was speechless. It looked WONDERFUL! The orange and yellow were all gone. It turned into a beautiful natural looking ash blonde with highlights that blended so well together and looked great against my skin tone. Melanie gave me a lot tips on how to maintain the color and keep my hair healthy as well as how to dry it with the round brush to make it flow like celebrities hair often does. The entire experience at Scissors Hair Studio is amazing. I will never go anywhere else to have my hair done. I am actually going back in a few weeks to my hair conditioned and nails done : ) So anyone who needs a hair cut, or wants highlights/coloring and aren’t sure what you are looking for keep in mind you are taking a risk by going to chain hair salons. Give Scissors Hair Studio a try. You will not be disappointed!

May 06, 2010

Best Hair Salon in Richmond!. I just came from my second appointment at Scissors and once again, I'm extremely happy with my hair! I have lived in Richmond for almost 10 years and have tried several other Salons like Nesbit, Mango, and Visions - I have never gone more thana a few times because I never experienced what I was looking for. But not as Scissors. My first appointment went really well. I chose the salon based on it's location, the reviews, and mainly because the lead Stylist, Simone, specializes in long hair. My whole experience was wonderful the first time and was even better the second time because we were more familiar with eachother. Simone and her staff are very kind and knowledgable. They make you feel at home by showing you the salon and offering you anything to drink. My first visit, during my consultation, Simone suggested that I get some highlights which is something I had been wanting to do but had been traumatized from very bad highlights in high school. Simone assured my that it would looke natural and it did - it was exactly what I wanted and what fit my personality. She took all factors into consideration, such as how much time I"m willing to spend on my hair (which is fairly minimal on a day to day basis). I was so pleased that she actually listened to me and gave me a hairdo that fit me. My second visit (that I just came from), she trimmed up my hair and then took the time to show my a quick, fun, formal style that I could do to my hair. What fun! I have never had a hair dresser do that - usually they can't wait to get you out of the door. I am already looking very forward to my third visit!

April 13, 2010
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