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I love my car, but I have had a horrendous buying experience from BMW of Austin. I thought the price was fair. We reached an agreement on price, and upon some repairs that needed to be made, and created a list of items to be addressed in order for the deal to go through. We completed the transaction in good faith (6/17/17), and made the 7.5 hour trip the following weekend to pick up the car. The salesman, Javier, agreed to the list; sales manager, Jay, agreed to the list. The finance person, Danny, was rude and demeaning. He tried to push paperwork at us that did not include the repair items we agreed upon, and when we pushed back politely, he became argumentative and said he would just "staple our list" to the official paperwork, but then as soon as we signed the sales contract, he tore off the stapled list and told us to take it to our sales person, which negated the whole point of that list becoming part of the document & under contractual obligation. Danny also gave us incorrect vehicle tag, tax and title information on our purchase (since we were making out-of-state purchase), and told us we had to use their mail order tag & tax service, which was not true, and then became argumentative again, after I had just gotten off the phone with an Oklahoma tag agent about the title & tagging process. There were absurd fees for mailing tags and processing using their service, which was not required after all. Javier was leaving the following week for vacation, but didn't mention to person covering for him that we were promised a second key. So when I called Javier's backup, Roy, he was very dismissive and short with me. He rushed me off the phone, and didn't respond to my questions. I get it, we weren't his sale, but unacceptable nonetheless. I moved on to ask sales manager, Jay, about the requests. He was polite, apologetic, and promised to look into it. I stressed that we just really wanted what was agreed upon, especially since we were making the trip to purchase from them twice. I also stressed my frustration with the lack of communication, the encounter with finance- Jay apologized. But ultimately, we still had issues when we arrive to pick up the car (6/23/17), it seemed the list was never checked on by anyone. We were in contact with Roy and Jay all day before and day of vehicle pick-up about our ETA, and said we would try to be there before they closed on Friday, and if not, we would simply pick up the car on Saturday. We arrived at 6:40, and we were handed one key, no second key. We inquired about the key, and were told Javier must have it locked in his desk. Come to find out, no one had even ordered the additional key (the one I asked about at least 5 times in a week). Javier told us the car was getting all new tires, and they only replaced 3. They asked if it looked good, but we asked if all the items completed from the list, and no one could really tell us definitively. We were given no tutorials on the vehicle features, not even help moving our bags and car seat from the trade-in to the new car. I was so mad. They had even locked the front gate to the dealership and no one mentioned how we could get out. The only thing they cared about was asking me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey and give them all 10's because our original salesman, Javier, would be docked on his entire month's sales commission, not just our sale, if he received anything less than a 10. Fast forward another week, still no second key, called Javier again, and it was still not even ordered. Didn't get key until 7/7/17. It was not even programmed. No instructions included on how to program it. They also got my mailing address wrong, and sales couldn't help me correct it, so I had to call BMW Financial on my own just to get my statement. Just don't buy from here unless you enjoy being frustrated and disappointed.

July 17, 2017

I can't say enough nice things about BMW of Austin. Their professionalism, their service, and their desire to make buying a vehicle seamless. First of all I was looking at Audi, BMW and Volvo. I have to say Troy Massey is what every dealership should have in a sales consultant but doesn't! The more I talked with Troy, the more I was moving toward BMW. He went through all the details and never left anything to guess. I decided to order a BMW when I didn't find the right X1 I wanted on the lot. Troy updated me every step of the way! He emailed when it was on the assembly line. When it was done with paint and headed to the port, when it was crossing the ocean to having arrived at the port...and finally when to expect it in Austin! Troy even sent me the VIN number so I could have my car insurance ready. Then the gentleman who explained my lease, Brett Swanson was THE FIRST car financial rep I'd ever experienced of not trying to oversell all the options to be added to the lease. I was gritting my teeth expecting it to be a painful process (Most dealerships try to take advantage of female buyers) but Brett didn't move through everything at a fast pace trying to get me confused and to sign off on added options. He was honest, direct, and explained each option and why. When I didn't want an option he accepted the "No" and didn't try to press it. Next it was on to taking possession where, Maja Guiamelon guided me through the vehicle and it's workings. She went through the car and answered all my questions and never once seemed impatient which is impressive when you think about it. She took all the time needed, plus BMW Austin has a follow up appointment to go over any questions you have after you've had a few weeks to drive your new vehicle. But all of this started with Troy Massey who I have to thank for turning car buying into a comfortable and fun experience.

August 08, 2016
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