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Cupcakes are good, cakes fall apart!. I have always loved their cupcakes and so when my birthday rolled around I thought I should splurge on myself and get the best. I went there and told them I wanted a custom cake made and he said ok what do u want on it. I just started saying stuff and it was just difficult because he didn?t give me any choices, like I didn?t know what types of frostings, fillings, nothing so I was just baffled by the way he just assumes people can just make up their own cake without knowing what they offer so I?d be able to choose more wisely. Anyway I figured since I loved their cupcakes to get a fruity filling and I thought it was going to be fresh fruit but it wasn?t it was like pie filling in the center and it was SO incredibly sweet that u just couldn?t eat the cake all it tasted was pure sugar and canned fruit filling. Considering almost every cupcake has that rich fudgy frosting, when I first saw my cake I noticed it was milk chocolate frosting and I wanted that same dark fudgy frosting instead. I felt like I was very rushed when ordering it even though I was the only one in there. He then asked how I wanted the cake decorated and I was like uhh wellllll what are my choices for goodness sake and he handed me this huge book of pictures from previous cakes they had made and I was just overwhelmed by all these crazy huge choices since my cake was their smallest cake for like 6 people. So I put it to the side and was like how about flowers? Anyway the worst part of this all was that the cake fell apart it literally collapsed and I felt like my cake was a complete disaster. All the pieces we cut were so ugly and no one could get like a real nice put together piece. Maybe if it tasted good I wouldn?t have been so angry but it didn?t. I was just so disappointed, just stick to their cupcakes unless you like extremely sweet jelly pie fillings in ur broken wobbly cake. Never in my life have I ever dealt with such a thing.

April 01, 2008