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Tar & Roses

602 Santa Monica Blvd, 
Santa Monica, 

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Chef Andrew Kirchner has taken-over the old Breadbar space with a dinner spot (soon to be lunch, too) for fans of wood-fired dishes. Fare is mostly divided among “Snacks,” “Small Plates,” “Veggies,” and “Large Plates.” Mark your calendars now, because the other option, family-style “Suppers,” need to be ordered five days in advance. So when you finally get your supper, just try to remember what you were hungry for five days ago. And, of course, Tar & Roses has charcuterie and lots of great cheeses for before or after the meal (or both, if you are a mouse). Complete your meal with plenty of wines to choose-from (mostly local), a respectable beer list, and a dessert list that includes a Strawberry Ricotta Crostada, which, if nothing else, is fun to say.