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Square One

1400 S Michigan Ave, 

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Mon-Wed 5 pm - 12 am Thu-Fri 5 pm - 2 am Sat 10 am - 3 am Sun 10 am - 12 am



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Anthony Todd


The South Loop is hopping! There's a sentence we thought we'd never write. But 14th and Michigan has become the place to be, with 3 new restaurants opening within a week of each other. The booziest of the newcomers is Square One, a wine-and-charcuterie spot with a twist. Instead of paging through a wine list that weighs more than your purse, grab a card from the bartender and slip it in to a wine dispensing machine. Get exactly what you want, drink away, and pay up at the end of the evening. With four reds, four whites and some bubbles, the self-serve will probably be enough - but if you aren't satisfied, there's also a bottle list. Pair your vino with some homemade pickles made with local veggies, sit back on a funky couch and try to stop yourself from going back for a fourth glass. Oh heck, it's so convenient - fill 'er up.