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Kome Sushi Kitchen

4917 Airport Blvd, 

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There's a certain type of Austin foodie who possesses discerning taste, if not a discerning wallet. These are the people who gaze longingly at the Uchis, the Vespaios, and Winks of the world from the seat of their single-speed bike, then pedal earnestly to their nearest food trailer. Fortunately for them, there's now a sushi joint in town that satisfies their high-budget desires with a low-budget (ok ok, medium-budget) menu, and that place is Kome Sushi. Born from the popular sushi trailer Sushi A-Go-Go, this is the place where everybody knows your name, and everybody also knows your favorite roll. They've got the A-Go-Go classics (like the Swamp Roll, with spicy crawfish and pickled okra) as well as Kome originals (like my fave, Love for Sale: salmon, lettuce, mango, avocado, carrots, asparagus, sprouts and mango sauce). Just don't pronounce "Kome" like "om," it's "Ko-MAY." As in, "I MAY have to eat a Swamp Roll right this instant."

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