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The Park's Finest BBQ

1267 W Temple St, 
Los Angeles, 

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The Park's Finest is the number one place to get the best BBQ in all of Los Angeles. Come by or call for catering today! (213) 454-0733

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When barbecue is good, you really can taste the slow-burning passion it takes to pass on a family recipe to the next generation. Johneric Concordia's father devised his pineapple-and-soy infused BBQ sauce while he was a young Filipino US Navy chef, trying to meld his own sensibilities to the those of his crew. It worked. Today, The Park's Finest has finally graduated from strictly catering to a Friday-nights-only restaurant space. Ribs. Pork loin. Chicken. Cornbread. Made with love. If I need to say more, then you don't know much about barbecue.