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Psychic Eye Book Shops

13435 Ventura Blvd, 
Sherman Oaks, 

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At the forefront of the spiritual realm since our inception in 1985, the Psychic Eye Book Shops, created by Robert Leysen and Mary Kara,
are the largest and most comprehensive New & Old Age bookseller and metaphysical gift supplier in the United States.In accordance with our philosophy of keeping things simple, to the point - and, above all, real - we designed this to be an online source for any and all realistic, modern metaphysical & spiritual needs, as well as to be a supplement for our six diverse West Coast locations.The Psychic Eye is also world-renowned for our carefully chosen staff of professional and ethical psychic consultants, available by phone, in-person at our Store Locations, or specially booked for group events.Our goal since 1985 has been to take things occult and metaphysical & the practice of spiritual guidance and psychic reading and distance it from the "back alley" & shady "storefront" image that much of the public believes it to be.Every day at The Psychic Eye, we deal with the esoteric and metaphysical sciences, in which there are, admittedly, a lot of "gray areas." We take pride in making these intangibles a professional, comfortable and harmless experience for all concerned, and that starts with you.. * The Country's Largest Selection of Mystical Merchandise* Psychics for Parties & Conventions* Licensed Professional Psychics* Psychic Mediums* Altar Supplies* Amulets & Talismans* Aromatherapy Oils & Supplies* Astrological Calendars 2010* Books* Boxes* Candles & Accessories* Cauldrons* Chalices* Personal Enhancements* Henna Supplies* Games* Gemstones & Crystals* Herbs & Supplies* Incense & Accessories* Jewelry* Kama Sutra Products* Meditation Aids & Supplies* Medicinal Aids* Musical Instruments* Ritual Products* Sage & Smudging Accessories* Skulls* Smoking Accessories* Statuary* Decorative Swords & Athames* Tarot Cards & Accessories* Videos - Instructional,Meditation/Relaxation,& Conspiracy Theories* Voodoo & Santeria Supplies* Walking Sticks* Wall Adornments* Wands* Waters & Inks for Rituals
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