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Visit our blog where our scouts and captains (and our mascot, Sid E. Serch), dish personal insight into our business and major markets every week.

About Us

For the last 16 years, you've come to rely on as the site with thorough local business listings and user reviews. Now, we're taking the concept of being the trusted source for experiencing your city a step further by focusing on what we call "recommendations, not reviews."

This means, focusing on short tips, rather than long-form reviews that invariably seem to contradict each other (reviewer #1: "the lamb chops were killer!" reviewer #2: "the lamb chops almost killed me!") and take hours to read.

Look for tips coming from our new, expert "Scouts", who know your neighborhood better than Bruce Wayne knows Gotham City. They cut through the clutter so you don't have to and help you discover the best in your city every week, both on the Web and our completely redesigned mobile app. Check it out! We're also re-introducing our popular Best of Citysearch program, now with handpicked nominations from our Scouts. Also, be sure to look for the latest and greatest in your town in our New & Notable section on our all-new homepage-- again, written by our local Scouts, and published several times a week.

We're excited about our new direction, focusing on recommendations, not reviews, and hope you will be, too!

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